Dear morphmet,

I'm writing a small R package, Modown <>,
that defines a text-based (I'm aware of their limits), minimalist, readable
by both humans and machines and provides utilities to manipulate it. It
started as a personal need when sweating and spoiling time exporting
from/to various existing morphometrics file format (mainly for Momocs
hotline) and I'm willing to tackle this with this package. Not sure it
would be useful elsewhere but it sure will be by my side.

I write to you today to ask you if you:
1- think I have forgotten a case in the current five rules
2- are keen to share some data. A very small fraction of datasets or even a
single complete shape would be perfect. I'm particularly interested in
exotic format. Being a newbie to everything outside outlines, all
text-based formats including .tps, .nts, .xml and others are exotic to me
so every single contribution will be warmly welcomed. Unless if you're keen
to do it and explicitely write it to me, I won't, of course, don't share
them, not even for tests or whatever.

Due to its "essentialist" nature, Modown file format could be used to
import any kind of morphometrics data (making request #1 important) into R
(and thus everywhere) and as a intermediate step when converting from one
format to another (if request #2 allows decent testing).

Besides my eternal gratitude you will be duly acknowledged in the package
(unless you dont want).

All the best from southern France,


-- <>

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