Hello all, 

I am stuck on what is probably a very easy issue but my normal sources for 
troubleshooting just haven't been very helpful lately. 

I'm trying to visualize any kind of warps on a 3D .ply file. In the past, I 
used a combination of MorphoJ and Landmark (IDAV) but the quality of the 
images wasn't very good, so I'm attempting to use Geomorph in R to make 
better quality visualizations. 

I have managed to import a .ply file for the most 'average' shaped 
specimens and .dta files created in Landmark into Geomorph with no issues, 
however whenever I attempt to execute WarpRefMesh (say, to make an average 
reference mesh or for shape variation along PCs), I get this error: 

Error in warpRefMesh(OriginScan, Cer19Coords, meanshape) : 
  Input must be a p-x-k matrix of landmark coordinates

I've attempted to sort this error out in a number of ways- I have checked 
the dimensionality of each landmark matrix (Cer19Coords, meanshape), 
ensured they are matrices, and even discarded my original .dta files to 
attempt to re-landmark my OriginScan in Geomorph- all to no luck. I 
continue to get this error even when I attempt to warp along PCs. 

Any suggestions on how I can get this work? I feel that I am missing 
something basic here, but have been backwards and forwards through the 
Geomorph manual for a couple of weeks now to no avail. 



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