Hi everyone,

I'm new to 3d geometric morphometrics, so this will be a very basic 
question to which there is probably a simple answer. I'm trying to place 
landmarks on meshes containing between 120,000 and 150,000 vertices using 
the digit.fixed function in geomorph. However, I'm finding it nearly 
impossible to select the desired vertex with the cursor. Rather, the point 
lands somewhere else deeper in the mesh, which is very frustrating. I've 
fiddled with ptsize, which helps a little when increased, but nothing seems 
to work without a lot of clicking around. Does anyone have any idea what's 
going on and if its possible to select the faces with this function (the 
function description makes this seem unlikely)? Alternatively, does anyone 
have any suggestions on how to best export .ply files from Meshlab that 
work best with geomorph and rgl? I've just been simplifying my hyper 
complex meshs with quadratic decimation and then exporting the ply. Should 
I be doing something in Meshlab that will make it easier to select vertices 
in R? Also, I realize that it the documentation for geomorph uses a mesh 
with less than 30,000 vertices, but I lose most of the useful information 
when I drop below 120k.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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