Hello everybody,

I am trying to add some sliding semilandmarks in my analysis but got stuck 
with defining them.
What I have done:
1) digitized normal LM (13)
2) created a curvature in tpsDig and resampled curve by length with the 
same number of LM (40) for each specimen
3) with tpsUtil “Append tps Curve to landmarks”, I transformed 40 curve 
points into LM.

At this point, the file looks fine: LM=53 (13 real LM + 40 come from the 
curve points). I can also open it in MorphoJ but I all 53 points are shown 
as LM, not semiLM. However, when I use this file in tpsUtil to "*Make 
sliders file*", I get an error: "*Access violation at address "00449136 in 
module "tpsUtil.exe". Read of address 00000008.*" I click several times OK 
and get a window with "*No semilandmarks*" I get 3 options: "*Load Semi.*", 
"*Create*", and "*Cancel*". If I click "*Create*", an .NTS file is created 
but it's not possible to open it with MorphoJ. MorphoJ gives as error "*The 
chosen dimentionality and the number of data columns in the file are 

Could you please explain me what I do wrong? I will appreciate any help 
and/or suggestions.

Thank you,



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