Hi everyone,

I am starting a new project using GM working with groups with different 
sizes (eg. rodents and small carnivores). I would like to use the whole 
dataset combined in the analyses, instead of perform set of analyses for 
each sized group. So, I did a test using the same skull and place the 
camera in two distance to the object (~15 cm and ~30 cm). My expectation 
was after scaling (using tpsDig) I wouldn´t detect any meaningful 
difference in the dataset. However, I got two clear groups that were even 
statistically different. I have attached here the tps file that I used (10 
copies of the same skull, 5 at ~15 cm and 5 at ~30cm). My question is how 
can I combine two set of 2d landmarks based on photos taken from different 
distance to the object. I would greatly appreciate any suggestion.

All the Best and Happy 2018!


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