Hi all,

I'm trying to run an integration test in geomorph, or rather 
phylo.integration on 2 sets of Procrustes aligned coordinates for cranium 
and jaws of lizards, landmarked on both sides. When I plot the results I 
get graphs of the landmarks for the positive and negative extremes of 
PLS1&2, but for the cranium they are in lateral view while for the 
mandibles they are in frontal view. 
I'm wondering if this is an issue for the estimation of r-PLS, since in 
Adams & Felice 2004 (PLoS ONE: Assessing Trait Covariation and 
Morphological Integration on Phylogenies Using Evolutionary Covariance 
Matrices), they write "the position of the jaw was standardized relative to 
the skull by rotating the jaw to a common articulation angle among 

If it is an issue, how do I rotate the position of one of the partitions to 
be in the same orientation as the other?

Thanks for any advice!

*Dr Christy Anna Hipsley | ARC DECRA Fellow *

School of BioSciences, University of Melbourne/

Museums Victoria

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Melbourne, Victoria 3001 Australia 

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