Hello, my name is Diego and I'm currently undertaking a Master's program in 
Mexico. One of my thesis project involves a geometric morphometrics study 
on the shape of a freshwater fish which distributes across Central America. 
I'm currently having trouble with a concept that will probably be very 
simple to most of you, but which I haven't found a way to get my head 

I'm running a CVA on MorphoJ, dividing my dataset into two geographically 
distinct groups. I run the test and change the type of graph to a "Warped 
Outline Drawing". So now the graph is showing a "starting shape" which I 
interpret as it being the average of all my landmark data (both 
geographical groupings), however I'm not sure on how to interpret the 
"target shape". I was expecting to have two "target shapes", one for each 
of the geographical groupings. Could someone please help point out my 
misunderstanding and offer me a way on how to interpret the "target shape"? 

Thank you, I'll be very thankful

Diego Ardón

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