Good day everybody, I actually have two questions here regarding 

So, I was adviced to use semi-landmarks, I placed them with MakeFan8, saved 
the files as images and then used TpsDig to place all landmarks, however I 
didn't make any distinctions between landmarks and semi-landmarks. What 
unsettles me is (1) that I've recently comed across the term "sliding 
semi-landmarks", which leads me to believe semi-landmarks should behave in 
a particular way. 

The second thing that unsettles me is whether "more semi-landmarks" means a 
better analysis. I can understand that most people wouldn't use 65 
landmarks+semilandmarks because it's a painstaking job to digitize them, 
however, in my recent reads I've comed across concepts like a "Variables to 
specimen ratio", which one paper suggested specimens should be 5 times the 
number of variables. I do have a a data set of nearly 400 specimens, but it 
does come short if indeed I should have 65*2*5 specimens!

Please, I'll appreciate some feedback :)

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