I'm working on the beginnings of a masters thesis and part of it is taking over 
a project from a previous student. I am learning MorphoJ to help finish that 
project, but the original student used 14 landmarks (LMs) and we've realized 
some of those are not helpful in our anaylsis. They act as noise and I've been 
asked to exclude those points. 

Is there a way for me to exclude those LMs (as in only consider 1-9 and ignore 
10-14) in MorphoJ or would it be better to just start over? 

If I start over, is there a certain number of LMs I *need* to have? Is there a 
minimum? How will this change the results if I don't have a lot? The "New" 
method would include 9 LMs. 

Thank you to any help/advice you can give me!

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