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> Hi all,
> I have already searched the documentation and list archives, but I
> haven't been able to retrieve the desired information that way. I have
> three basic questions:
> - What are the recommended and minimum hardware specs for running the MT
> engine?
I would personally say the minimum is 8GB RAM and 2 cores. I used to run
Moses on a laptop this way, mostly with Europarl-sized data. However, you
may need to adjust some settings to make sure it runs as efficiently as

A more reasonable requirement is 32GB RAM and as many cores as you can

The training is mostly parallelizable. mgiza can use a maximum of 8 cores.
Phrase-extraction can use as many cores as required. The decoder scales up
to ~16 cores. The new decoder (moses2) scales to much more cores.

> - How much effort is it to setup the system when starting from scratch?

It takes me about an hour to set up everything from scratch, but then I've
done this for 10yrs! It's best to sit with someone who's done it before to
go thru it the 1st time.

You can also use
or some of the pre-packaged resources

Make sure you've go thru the tutorial if you haven't already done so:

> - And finally, how does it compare to other systems (ModernMT, Phrasal,
> Apertium) in terms of performance? (I know there is variety of factors
> influencing this, but maybe someone has experience with a comparative
> evaluation of these systems or could point me to some good resources)

I don't know the other systems (I think MMT is a fork of Moses). If you
find out more, please let me know

> Thanks a lot.
> Cheers,
> Martin
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