Hi passing this along from St. Peter:

I had an unusual sighting in St. Peter on Sunday, Oct. 9.  I'm a Gustavus grad 
(1962 -- same class as Jim Gilbert, a close friend!).  We were back for the GA 
symphony concert on 10/9, in which my granddaughter now plays.

We went out for dinner after the 2 p.m. concert at Whiskey River on SR22, near 
the river.  While there, I saw what I can only claim was a leucistic/albino 
mourning dove.  Nothing unusual about morning doves, but this one was all white 
except for black spots on the upper wing, in the usual location on mourning 
doves.  It was feeding in the thorn apple trees north of the restaurant for the 
whole time we were there.  Maybe it has been reported already, but if not, you 
might want to let someone in St. Peter check it out.  The only other possible 
specie ID would be a captive bird, or possibly a white dove that might have 
been the hatchling of an escaped caged bird that crossbred with a mourning dove.

Anyway, I found it very unusual and quite curious.

Lowell Anderson
Crawfordsville, IN

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