There are two separate flocks of Red-headed Woodpeckers overwintering in Reno 
Bottoms, Houston County within stands of Swamp White Oaks.  Mast abundance was 
especially high last fall, and although I saw numerous birds there in November, 
I hadn't returned until this afternoon.  There are at least 17 individuals, 
including juveniles.  Most are territorial and stay close to roost cavities, or 
perch atop anvil snags.  The chatter amongst birds was quite thrilling.  The 
last birds to overwinter at these sites was during fall 2013 - winter 2014, 
when mast was equally abundant.  On a side note, Brown Creepers were attached 
to every tree in November, but none could be found there today.  It was mostly 
just a woodpecker day...Steven HoudekOnalaska, WI

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