The first Ospreys have begun returning to their nests in the twin cities area 
and Twin Cities Metro Osprey Watch needs your help. This is our annual plea  to 
please report new nests or osprey activity in the eight county metro area  to 
us. We are trying to monitor all know nests in Hennepin, Ramsey, Carver, 
Washington, Anoka, Wright, Dakota and Scott counties as part of a long term 
study on these raptors. We are also seeking volunteers to help monitor these 
nests. (132 known occupied nests last year, which included 13 new nests.) We 
are assembling our field teams now so If you are interested in helping us by 
checking a nest once a week through the breeding season, please contact Vanessa 
Greene at You can find more info, including last years 
productivity and behavioral results, on our facebook page (
 or our blog...
Please feel free to share this post with anyone who might be interested in 
joining this research effort. Thanks!

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