There were fewer waterbirds in the pool adjacent to the park today, but it looks like there were a lot more much farther upstream, unfortunately viewable only from private shoreline.

Highlights, all viewed from Anoka County Park shoreline:

Red-necked Grebe - reported earlier by Dave Elwood; 1 near the Brooklyn Park shore in the vicinity of the water tower; scope needed
Horned Grebe - 1 first seen ~ half-mile upstream from dam, flew downstream
Pied-billed Grebe - at least 15
Common Loon - at least 12
Ruddy Ducks - 2 males near the dam, 2 females upstream
Gadwall - 3, ~ half-mile or more upstream
D-C Cormorants - 75+; apparently they returned in large numbers overnight
Tree Swallow - numerous, FOY for us
Belted Kingfisher - another FOY
Osprey - 1 seen a number of times, vocalizing; briefly saw a second
Tundra Swan - a flock of 17 flying overhead

Ron & Maureen Refsnider

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