I am working on a modification of the NSS code in order to implement
TLS extensions as specified by RFC3546.

I can't quite understand the way variable fields are appended and
consumed by the Handshake.  I am referring to the file ssl3con.c in the
NSS source code.

We first append a number 'bytes' and then a bit-string that is 'bytes'
bytes long.  When appending bytes, we specify the size of 'bytes' -
'lenSize'.  From what I see, lenSize can take values of only 1, 2, 3
and 4.  Is this the maximum amount of bytes that 'bytes' can take up -
i.e. if the value of 'bytes' is up to 256 bytes, we specify 'lenSize' =
1, if it is upto 65536 then 'lenSize' = 2, etc?


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