Hello MPB users,
I'm going to simulate a waveguide consisting of a linear defect introduced
into a woodpile photonic crystal.
I had many doubts about the definiton of the irreducible Brillouin zone,
but in the end I found an example that Steven posted here for the case of
the perfect crystal which works fine (even if I used as some kind of black
Now I must introduce the linear defect and other doubts come into my mind
for what concerns the projected band structure, and in particular the
correct definition of the direction of light propagation (and then the
direction of projection of the band structure).
Are there any examples concerning this very tricky case? Do you know any
references that clearly illustrate this issue? Indeed, it's very difficult
to find in the literature a complete projected band structure of a woodpile
waveguide (or better, up to now I haven't found it).




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