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The PMIx community is pleased to announce the inaugural quarterly meeting of 
the Administrative Steering Committee (ASC) of the PMIx standardization body. 
The objective of the PMIx standard is to provide an implementation-independent 
specification to facilitate interaction between applications, tools, and 
middleware and system runtime environments. The interface focuses on supporting 
application launch and wire-up; supporting tools that wish to inspect, steer, 
and/or debug parallel applications; providing interfaces to manage dynamic 
workload applications, to support fault tolerance and cross-library 
coordination; and facilitate communication across container boundaries. The 
PMIx standard is governed by the ASC comprised of representatives from a wide 
range of research, academic, and industrial organizations. The ASC plays a 
critical role in shaping the evolution of this critical system interface.

The PMIx standard has recently adopted new governance rules to facilitate 
broader participation, and balance active innovation with interface stability. 
This quarterly meeting will be the first formal meeting of the ASC. The goal of 
this meeting is to welcome formal participation in the governance body from 
new, interested groups, set the groundwork for a major release of the PMIx 
standard, formally define the ASC membership, and hold elections for governance 
body positions. As such we are calling for broad participation from the 
parallel and distributed computing community to participate in this meeting.

Meeting information:
* Date: October 17, 2019
* Time: 11 am - 5 pm US Central Time
* Location: Virtual (online) Meeting (see agenda link for details)
* Meeting Link: https://github.com/pmix/pmix-standard/wiki/ASC-Q4-2019-Meeting

For more information about the PMIx standardization body and its activities 
please join the mailing list [1], check out the activity on the GitHub 
repository [2], and/or review the website [3].

[1] PMIx Forum Mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/pmix-forum
[2] PMIx Standard GitHub: https://github.com/pmix/pmix-standard
[3] PMIx website: https://pmix.org

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