here's my guesses

> 1. Who will own the stadium?

either the metropolitan sports facilities commission or the twins. 
probably the twins.

> 2. Who will name the stadium?
some company that has the cash.  used to think NWA but they have no
money.  best buy, general mills?

> 3.  Who gets the cash for all exclusive rights such as signs, beer pouring
> etc?

the team gets all revenue and why not.  if a new park is build but the
team gets the same revenue then why build it?

> 4. How much is the check that actually comes out of a Marquette Bank Account
> under the name of Carl Pohlad payable to Hennepin County?

i suspect it will be $40million today and the rest before opening day

> 5.  How much money is going back to Mr. Pohland?

pohlad owns the team so he gets any profit and covers any losses.  He
could take the new revenue, slash the payroll and recoup the money put
up the get the thing built.  or, which i believe will happen, they
will take the revenues and reinvest most of it back into the team to
ensure they are competitive for years to come.  Remember, a new
stadium by itself doesn't ensure the increased revenues.  fannies in
the seats do and a solid product on the field will go a long way to
making sure that happens.  the increased revenue streams a new park
provides helps do that.

John Harris
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