Mr. Stone,

Who is this Armstrong Williams type personality who writes "ghost releases"
for you ?

Karl Rove would be proud of him.  Where'd you learn that trick ?

Don't think Mr. Wellstone would have approved of such a strategy...

I don't know what happened at Pearl Park.  You do.  If you really wanted to
provide an account of it, then I'd expect as much from you in a first person

Post whatever you wish to the list that "imaginary journalists" write (I'm
certainly not in charge of it).  But don't expect it to be believed by any
reasonable person.  I'd prefer to see you own your own self promoting
propaganda or keep it to yourself, where it (probably) comes from.

Read your own stuff below and see whether you can't agree.

If this stuff was written by a legitimate third party, then it should be
attributed to the source.




>Park Board Candidate Considers Legal Action to Protect Freedom of Speech

>Minneapolis, MN  June 9, 2005 ?District 5 Park Board Candidate, Jason Stone,
reports having been
>threatened with arrest by Superintendent Jon Gurban of the Minneapolis Park and
Recreation Board,
>for distributing literature in a park.  ?I came to the park to hand out
campaign literature to
>folks coming out to see the plans for the new Edward Solomon Park.  What better
place to find
>people who care about our parks than in a park?? Stone commented.  He
continued, ?Imagine my
>surprise when Mr. Gurban angrily confronted me telling me I was not allowed to
exercise my first
>amendment right to free speech and that he was going to call the police to stop
me from
>distributing literature.?

>Stone, standing alone outside the park building, started handing out leaflets
at 6:25 pm Wednesday
>evening to area residents coming to a meeting on development plans for the new
Edward Solomon
>Park.  He states that after speaking with Gurban, he also spoke with
Commissioner Bob Fine and
>District Manager Eileen Kilpatrick.  ?I asked all three high ranking park
officials if I was
>acting unlawfully.   While Gurban said something about policy, none of them
said I was acting
>unlawfully - so I told Mr. Gurban I respected his perspective and continued
handing out
>literature,? Stone said.

>In the ?spirit of cooperation?, Stone then moved at least a hundred feet from
the recreation
>center entrance, to a spot on the sidewalk just a couple feet from the parking
lot.   Three police
>squad cars arrived simultaneously just five minutes after the original
conversation with Gurban.
>Stone greeted the police and asked if he was acting unlawfully.  Stone noted,
?The officers
>respectfully, but forcefully ordered me to stop distributing literature, and
said I could not do
>so on private land.  I corrected them, indicating that we were standing on
public land.  They
>replied ?sort of?, and that I had to stop distributing literature.?  Stone was
further told to
>remove his name tag reading ?Jason Stone, Candidate for Park Board District 5?,
before entering
>the park building.

>Believing he would be arrested if he did not follow the officers? orders, Stone
returned the
>offending literature to his car.  Most of the police departed shortly
thereafter, while one squad
>remained behind until Stone left the park entirely.

>Bill Hood, a neighborhood resident, witnessed what transpired.  When contacted
for comment, Mr.
>Hood said, ?Mr. Gurban?s behavior Wednesday evening at Pearl Park was
altogether inappropriate for
>the event, out of control, hostile toward me watching him and really ?unWirthy?
of a Park


Campaign Contact :
Jason Stone
(612) 824-2122

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