You guys are right.  I propose, that since we're going to start having a
lot of referendums, that we have a vote next time it snows.  I want my
street plowed first.  Then, we should have a referendum for turning the
street lights on.  Sometimes, its actually light out and the lights are
on!  Outrageous.  As a community, we should be able to gather each day
and make this decision.  Talk about democracy in action!!  Nevermind
these pesky elections each November, we don't need the nanny state
telling us what to do - we're all adults.  Should we have a referendum
on the referendum on the referendum?  I'm not sure.  Lets vote on it. .
.  All in favor say "aye".  

Jared Chester
Outside Minnehaha Methodist waiting to cast the next ballot.    
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