>There are non-trivial First Amendment problems with this proposal, not the
>least of which is defining what an interest group is.  Should someone who
>takes support from, say Progressive Minnesota, be banned from voting on the
>whole range of public issues that PM has taken a position on?  David Brauer

But interest groups... such as PM or any other... could quickly become a
mere funnel for huge financial interests... including individuals and
businesses... and have the same effect as direct donation of money to
political leaders.

Take, for example, FREEDOM CLUB FEDERAL PAC which poured $45,000 directly
into Minnesota Republican hands in 2001/2002 election cycle... $0 to Dems or
Greens or Inds... and was funded almost exclusively by big money Minnesota
CEOs and company VPs.

Is the answer not recusal from votes but cessation of independent campaign
funds?  Not an original idea but how else to clean up even the appearance of

And isn't the ruling that "money" is "speech" problematic for democracy by,
of, and for the people?

Wendy Wilde
So Minneapolis
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