It is very clear the influence of money has been one of the fundamental 
problems with our political system. Money has weakened our democracy, and some 
would rightfully argue replaced the people. We all know money has the ability 
to corrupt, but how do policticians, parities and political institutions get 
their message out to the public with out it? We have work towards public 
funding of campaigns to repair our democracy at all levels of government.
  Who believes the person that votes has as much influence as the person that 
gives thousands or even millions of dollars to candidates and parties? Our 
society puts more importance on money then other forums of contributions so few 
would believe the voter or nonvoter has the same influence. 
  For example if a politician from either party is contacted by a voter 
(non-contributor), a voter $100 donor, and voter $3000 donor which person is 
more likely to get a meeting about an issue that is of extreme importance to 
them immediately? Poll a hundred children and the far majority will tell you 
the $3000 contributor will get the meeting first but that does not make it 
right. Yet we still work under that same system that a child can tell is not 
  Other relationship factors play a role in our political system as well but 
money by far has the greatest influence. We need to reform at all levels to 
repair our fragile  democracy. 
  Ken Bradley
  Kenny Neighborhood

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