Have been a big supporter of the arts--particularly visual arts---since '56...even a "sunday"painter...fortunate to have participated with Joan Mondale's LRT station art (citizen groups)

The funding discussion for this expenditure goes back several years...CLIC recommendations questioned expenditure (part of list response to inquiry several months ago). Basically, should capital dollars be used for salaries/admin..although not generally accepted accounting procedure, creative financing has been developed to get around this. Lack of project outcomes was also a CLIC concern. While CLIC and several council people had a problem with this practice (Cp. Zerby gave the most articulate reasons), the Mayor's Finance dept is comfortable... although I'd guess probably not comfortable with the library or park board use of this means of financing. I know administrative costs are sometimes charged to individual projects but why can some entities do this and not others?

The original recommendation was for $200K. It was bumped up to $400K in mayor's budget. As much as I'd like to see city public art support increased (the independent libraries have added some very fine work, particularly the mosaics at franklin and the stained glass window at Hosmer), I am very uncomfortable with this funding mechanism.

I think the decision was a reasonable compromise....since the mayor recommended the extra $200 K, dedicating it to ward projects might not be the worst idea (at least it's a little more bottom-up decision making). If the mayor had not recommended that extra money, would have liked to have seen it go to community libraries and other local projects...perhaps the ward system is the best way of distributing that money to the communities (versus DIVERSION TO AN UNDEDICATED GENERAL FUND CATEGORY0.

So I plan on contacting city council member and urging them to support arts projects on the local level...even if it is througH Public Works.
Just no more "snowmen" ideas...Snoopy was different!
Best wishes,
Cheryl Luger

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