Dear Arts Supporter,

Please contact City Council member as soon as possible and request he or she
support Mayor Rybak’s proposed public art budget. Last week the Ways & Means
Committee of the City Council reduced the Mayor’s proposed budget for public
art by 50%. You can locate your City Council Member at this web site: Please forward this email to other
arts supporters you know.

Details: Last week the Ways & Means Committee in a process called budget
“mark-down” reduced the Mayor’s proposed budget of 2% for public art to 1%,
and moved the remaining $200,000 to Public Works “to do environmental
improvements, public art, pedestrian improvements, or to leverage funds for
projects conducted collaboratively with other jurisdictions.” The members of
the Ways & Means Committee who voted to reduce the Art in Public Places
Program were Barbara Johnson, Sandy Colvin Roy, Natalie Johnson Lee, Dan
Niziolek, and Barrett Lane. Paul Zerby voted no. Paul Ostrow and Gary Schiff
were present and spoke against the motion, but they are not members of the
committee, and therefore did not vote. CM Benson spoke in favor of reducing
the budget. (Note that CM Lane left office on Friday and was replaced by
Betsy Hodges.)

Talking Points: Support the Mayor’s proposed 2% for public art, as this is
consistent with the strategies outlined in the approved cultural plan. The
proposed strategy of moving half of the public art budget into Public Works,
would be contrary to the Cultural Plan and current public art policy and
would be an inefficient way to develop and maintain public art projects.

The Full Council will be voting on this Committee’s recommendation this
month, so please contact your Council Member as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Katie Nyberg
Chair, Minneapolis Arts Commission Advocacy Committee

Posted by Connie Beckers, Folwell Neighborhood
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