Bruce Gaarder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  David Greene say that the links 
supplied by Matty Lang are from a
group with a bias.  Maybe the name lightrailnow says it all.
You can also read their comments on prt.  Just imagine, they also
seem to be biased, and you won't be able to imagine what that bias
is .

Bruce Gaarder
Highland Park  Saint Paul  MN
  Ah, I'm busted.  Figured out.   My bias is clear:   I support rail transit.  
Thanks for posting the links to the site, they provided 
some helpful clarification of  where your point of view is comming from, an 
automobile.  I am  biased.  I don't believe the auto dominated examples of Los  
Angeles and Atlanta are the right models for Minneapolis/St.  Paul.  
 I didn't see much on the Wendell Cox websites  about buss transit, however.  
He seemed fixated on the automobile  and its apparent ability to democratize 
prosperity.  I remember my  automobile negatively affecting my prosperity.  
Maybe the fumes  were getting to me.  Check out the following link to see where 
BRT  is comming from:
  I have to wonder if BRT is "effective transit" or just an effective way  to 
thwart transit.  Thanks for offering resources that reinforced  my view on BRT. 
  Matty Lang, 

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