Matty Lang wrote:

Bruce Gaarder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  David Greene say that the links 
supplied by Matty Lang are from a
group with a bias.  Maybe the name lightrailnow says it all.
You can also read their comments on prt.  Just imagine, they also
seem to be biased, and you won't be able to imagine what that bias
is .

Bruce Gaarder
Highland Park  Saint Paul  MN
Ah, I'm busted. Figured out. My bias is clear: I support rail transit.
 I didn't see much on the Wendell Cox websites  about buss transit, however.

Of course not.  He's funded by asphalt companies, for one.

For all those that support BRT, PRT (who also claim to support buses),
to those like Cox who claim to support bus transit as the best way to

   Where were you last session?

   Why weren't you at the capitol trying to stop the cuts to Metro

   Why weren't you standing up for what you believe in?

I was at the capitol AT LEAST once a week every week last session,
lobbying for a stable budget for transit and to get minimal
funding to prevent cuts to service.  In the end we managed to
squeeze out $40 million to stop some (but not all) of the cuts.
At least it was better than the $0 that Pawlenty wanted.

So where were you?  Until I see you there I'm not going to take
anything you have to say seriously.

The actions and non-actions tell the truth.

David Greene
The Wedge
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