Everyone knows that density is a positive necessity that is coming along
the rail line. If you look within the city...Fair Oaks was built for density and
advertises "charming civilized option to Downtown". 

2615 Park was the first resident hotel,  a 1930 art deco landmark,
stands 6 floors @300+ units and the building is in great shape today. 

Near Bandana Square in Energy Park there is a great mixed complex. Saint
Paul seems to be building better complexes than Minneapolis...high density
by Franklin and Old Fort Road yet the buildings look great. 
A developer has a responsiblity to the community to build the best building
possible. Even tho the area is now light industrial and not
much to look at... does not mean that the new building should follow suit.
Anything is better than what is there now attitude. Hiawatha Oaks, according
to some people who have looked at it, is not well built.

Are the buildings going to be built like those in Brooklyn Center? Is this
what this neighborhood is about...I don't think so. Design does matter,
aesthetics is important and quality is of upmost importance. When I
hear *Hiawatha Flats*, I think immediately of people moving in for a couple
of years and moving out as soon as they can afford something better. 
Both Fair Oaks and 2615 have had residents of 40 plus years. That's 
community building and that's what I would hope a developer would take
pride in. 

Dorie Rae Gallagher/Nokomis

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