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Help the homeless: Donate Socks
Socks of all kinds help insulate and protect feet from
What: New, or gently worn and clean, socks in all
(mostly men's and women's sizes, but kids socks
too)White tube socks are preferred (fit both men and

Hennepin County Human Services is asking for donations
of clean, warm socks to distribute to homeless
clients. Socks are
especially important for people who have diabetes or
poor circulation, which puts them at risk for serious
health problems from sores or injuries to their feet.
County staff can distribute as many as 1,000 pairs of
socks a week during the winter months.


If anyone out there wants to contribute socks for this
cause I would be willing to collect them on my porch
and get them to Hennepin County. Otherwise, I am sure
you can drop them at Hennepin County directly at the
Human Services Department. 

E-mail me off list if you want my address. 

Barb Lickness

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