A couple of random thoughts, if I may: 
  Many won't appreciate or even understand me saying this, and I might even get 
a list warning or suspension but it is a legitimate Minneapolis issue - 
Michelle Hills 'dis' of Ellison is nothing more than early campaigning.  I 
firmly believe Michelle Hill is not a real person, but a made up personality 
from some one in North Mpls who has reason to start campaigning against Ellison 
(and others) but doesn't have the backbone to do it publiclly.  It is a person 
who believes that the more one repeats mis-truths, the more people will start 
to believe it as the truth.   
  And regarding Aaron Nuemann & his enlightenment from camping in the 'hood:  
Good for you,   now my question is when are you moving here to the North 
side????  Neighborhoods, such as those that make up "north minneapolis"  need 
more residents such as your self who have the desire to live here, the patience 
to cope with the issues, and the voice to speak up about it. 
  There are probably 4 or 5 houses on my block that are for sale at this 
moment, should I get you the agent's phone numbers? 
  -Megan Goodmundson

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