Here we go again................Well as to election time Megan is once again 
wrong. If Keith runs again, I will vote for him again, but only because I 
think he has potential. To everything else Megan wrote, I will not respond.

Now here is the view of an African-American woman:

I went back over the past 6 month of forum debates. Since I tuned in to this 
forum, quite by accident, I have noted the following: Where it pertains to 
African-American people, leaders and "gang-bangers" I found this: If you speak 
against an African American "leader" who is well received by Whites you get 
jumped on (i.e., CP Samuels, Tyrone Terrell and Keith Ellison) by some on the 
forum. If you agree with something those not well received have to say, the 
radicals, (i.e., Ron Edwards, Rev. McAfee, Booker Hodges, Natalie Johnson-Lee 
and Al 
Flowers) you get jumped on by some on this forum. 

When Tyrone Terrell, called open season on the African-American family and 
their "gang-banger" relatives, saying that we should disown them, many on this 
forum backed him. Months later, when CP Samuels embraced those same 
"gang-bangers" suddenly it was OK to be in the company of "gang-bangers."

I have known Keith Ellison since he was a young lad. When he was a radical 
like Al Flowers, Booker Hodges, Ron Edwards and Rev. McAfee. In fact, at one 
time, Keith changed his last name from Ellison to "X" like our great leader 
Malcolm X. At that time Whites would not touch Keith. When he ran for office he 
changed his name back to Ellison. Why? Because he would never heve been elected 
with the name Keith X. He went back to Ellison and suddenly he was a great guy 
to have as a colleague. Well, I for one believe he was a great guy when he was 
Ellison and when he was "X." Ask Keith if you disagree with what I have said 
here. I trust that he will tell the truth. In fact, those "gang-bangers" use 
to be his biggest clients.

Now, many of you were silent on the issue of Empowerment Zone money. Why, 
because if either did not impact you, or you received some of the money, or 
someone you know received funding. I'm OK with that because those people may 
applied for the funding, but the City did not have to give it to them. But, 
being our elected leader, Keith does not have the luxury of being quiet, 
something he tried to rectify to late. However, on this forum, I did give him 
to asking for a public forum to discuss why the impoverished community received 
far less than others. I am finically secure, but have been on the other side 
and believe those representing the silent group needs to shout even louder to 
be heard.

It's funny how every year you want to give praise to Dr. Martin Luther King, 
Jr., rarely to Malcolm X. Why? Because King was accepted by his "colleagues" 
on the other side, and Malcolm X wasn't. I for one, believe that change comes 
from those who are like Martin Luther King, Jr., those who are like Malcolm X. 
I expect leaders in our community to fall under both umbrellas fighting for 
the same goal.

As to Keith Ellison running again, yes he has my vote, but he needs to change 
some things and that is the bottom line. To Keith I say this, never forget 
where you came from. If you have to change your views and opinions to be 
accepted by your "colleagues on the other side" then you have not been accepted 
who you are. As a lawyer you fought for those who others would not fight for, 
please remember those people are still being excluded and still need your voice 
and the voices of all Martin Luther Kings Jr.'s and Malcolm X's.

Michelle Hill

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