Sue Jeffers, owner of Stub & Herb's, wrote:

"Shame on the elected officials trying to gain a  
state wide ban on the backs of the local businesses..........  
Or maybe the local councils and commissions  
don't really care about the "little guy" after all."  

Don sez:

Minnesota's Minimum Wage law has been stuck at
$5.15/hour since 1997.  We FINALLY raised it to  
$6.15/hour this year, which still wasn't enough.   

Sue Jeffers of Stub & Herb's was a leader in the  
fight AGAINST raising the minimum wage.   

Because of that, I have to wonder just how  
much she cares about the "little guy" after all,  
or whether it's just a case of wanting owners  
to keep as much money as they can.

Don Jorovsky
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