Well over north we have so many Duplexes For Sale and For Rent that we 
certainly don't need more. Yet this could really IMPACT those of us who have 
been here for 25 years or more and are at this point planning on staying. After 
all some of fought for and got some of the alley Houses on small lots torn down 
and this will only mean more density wear we don't need it.
     Lets reword it to say in all Neighborhoods in in our Great City these can 
be built. Than it might be feasible. So we spread the Density around.
    Otherwise lets just leave it alone and let people continue to go thru 
Zoning and Planning for a Variance and let the NEIGHBORS that are going to have 
to live with it every day have some input. At least they will know what is 
coming before its all built and no chance for input. 
    This process only takes 2 months and if I as an ordinary citizen can do it 
a contractor certainly can.
Joan Thom
25 Years 
CoOwned/ Occupied Duplex 

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