Dan writes:

By the way, I don't drink coffee, and hate the smell of it (I suspect that
there are harmful chemicals present in the vapor rising from hot coffee).
Maybe we should ban that next, and then, YOU and anyone who likes to drink
coffee in public places can adapt to that, or "be left out in the cold,"
with me and the rest of the smokers. I bet I could hire the same hacks that
do ETS "studies" to do a coffee vapor study, and come up with alarming

Dan McGrath

I think that we really must stop making apples to apples comparisons between 
coffee and smoking.  And I do not really believe you Dan hate the smell of 
coffee.  Lets see, coffees number #2 on the worlds highest traded exported 
good, and cigarettes are Number #1 on the cause of many cancers.  Maybe we 
should spend our energies on legalizing the use of medical marijuana, or just 
supporting all of our local wonderful coffee shops.  And the funny thing you do 
not see coffeehouse owners complaining about the smoking ban....lets treasure 
the fruit, and ban the dirty nicotine.
Gina Palandri
wanting a website called www.minnesotansforgreatcoffee.com

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