This latest blast about conflict of interest again shows what the last campaign 
in the 12th ward was like.  Thecharges repeated by Ms. Dahl and Ms Gallagher 
centerpiece of the campaign against Sandy Colvin Roy.  Sandy won with the Star
Tribune Editorial Board calling the campaign of her opponent one of the 
nastiest in the city election.

Unfortunately, Mr. Brauer has contended the charges can be repeated on the
Issues list even though they are innuendo.  Sandy won the election with hard 
and the support of the DFL and almost all Labor Unions.  

I strongly disagree with Ms. Gallagher.  The problem with the charge is no 
proof only
accusations.   I supported and worked for Sandy.  She won the election with the
same margin as 4 years ago over Ms. Dahl's and Ms. Gallagher's 2001 candidate.  
because a developer gives a donation does not mean the elected official is 
beholding to the developer.  These charges were rejected by the voters and 
the Star Tribune Editorial Board.  

The same criticism of Klodt can be made of the Unions.  I am sure Public 
Unions contributed more to City Council and Park Board Campaigns.  More money
by Union PAC's was spent in support of the Incumbent Park Board Candidates than
by People for an Independent Park Board.  Do folks want to exclude Unions from
the political process?  I hope not.

Barbara Johnson has been a successful and Progressive Council Member.  I hope we
can stop the innuendo that Ms. Gallagher has begun.   

Tony Scallon
Howe Neighborhood
12th Ward Resident
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