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  The  amount of money  an individual can contribute to a PAC is unlimited in 
the state of Minnesota. Realistically you could give as much money as you want 
to a candidate as long as it is sent to the PAC first. Many large contributors 
just form PAC's. Al Franken for example just formed the Midwest Values PAC to 
raise money for progessive candidates. 
    Political Action Committees - Many states also limit the amounts that may 
be contributed to candidates by PACs - only 14 states do not. Limits on PAC 
contributions are generally similar or even identical to the limits on 
individual contributions.  Some states differentiate between two types of PACs 
and establish different contribution limits for the types. For example, in 
Arizona a PAC may qualify for "super PAC" status if it receives contributions 
from 500 or more individuals in amounts of $10 or more during a one-year 
period. "Super PACs" may contribute nearly five times the amount a regular PAC 
is permitted to contribute. Arkansas, California, Colorado, Louisiana, and 
Michigan have similar provisions. Some states also place limits on the total 
amount a candidate can receive from PACs. In Arizona, it is $75,624 for a 
gubernatorial candidate and $7,568 for legislative candidates. Other states 
that limit the total dollars a candidate may accept from PACs are Louisiana,
 Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska and Wisconsin. In Kentucky, most 
candidates candidate cannot accept PAC contributions which in the aggregate 
exceed 50% of total contributions or $10,000 (whichever is greater) in an 
election cycle. 


Ken Bradley
  Kenny Neighborhood

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