How can shelter providers not acknowledge the incredible racism evidenced 
every day in our homeless shelters?

The disproportionate number of people out on the streets and in shelters who 
are people of color is just an outrage.

It is a replication of what happens day in and day out regading racism in 
this country...yet I have not heard any outrage about this on the part of paid 

I am pasting in links to articles that I find particularly troubling that I 
think reflect the manner in which shelters are allowed to not be held 
accountable for their services and also that reflect troubling attitudes on the 
part of 
the providers quoted.

City Pages - Safe Harbor? -This one was written a few years ago. 

City Pages - Ground Zero from 1997

There are those of you who will not agree with my point of view. And I 
respect that, but at least this is an effort at dialouge, disagreement and 
of opinion.

I will say, as I have said many times, this is a social justice, human rights 
issue,not just a social service issue.

Racism pervades our society and poverty and homelessness is part and parcel 
of it.

Margaret Hastings
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