Hard Work vs Hard Money

I campaigned for Kevin McDonald in the 12th Ward.  It was my first experience in
participating in the campaign process.

Let me clear up a misconception or two......Mr. McDonald's campaign was as grass
roots as they can be.  Since our campaign funds came from individuals and were
minimal compared to Ms. Colvin Roys, we were very careful that every penny was
spent wisely and the most effectively.  Starting with the phone banks.  Many
nights we gathered at a meeting place and made phone calls to our neigbors
asking for their support.  In contrast, whenever I rec'd a phone call,
disguised as a poll for Roy, the phone soliciter, when aked where they were
calling from, on both occasions, said they were outside of the Twin Cities area
and identified Ms. Roy as Ms. Calvin Ray.  They didn't even know who she was.  I
can only assume that these were compensated solicitors, not volunteers.  Also,
while we pro McDonald campaigners dilegently walked the neighborhood, door by
door to drop off literature, we were reminded to place the information outside
of the mailbox, NOT in the mailslot or box as this is illegal.  But when I
rec'd lit. from Ms. Roy, she had the luxury of having her campaign pieces
dropped right into my front hall though the postal service's bulk mail.  Mr.
McDonalds campaign was earnest, honest and we all worked really hard, the HARD

M. Brady

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