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December 12, 2005

Mayor Rybak Nominates Steven Bosacker 
As Minneapolis City Coordinator

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak today announced that he is nominating Steven
Bosacker to be the next Minneapolis City Coordinator.  Bosacker is widely
considered to be an expert in government management and his long career in
public service has given him an extraordinary breadth of experience.

"Steven Bosacker is an experienced public servant and will be a vital
addition to our City's leadership team," said Rybak of the nomination.
"Steven has directed some of the state's largest public institutions with
complex finance, management and policy issues, and comes well-equipped to
help manage Minneapolis for the future."

Bosacker's extensive government experience is rooted in Minnesota, but spans
the globe.  Most notably, Bosacker served as Chief of Staff to Governor
Jesse Ventura, Executive Director for the University of Minnesota Board of
Regents, and Chief of Staff to Congressman Tim Penny.  Bosacker has also
incubated international business ventures from Hamburg, Germany and once
served the Scottish SDP/Liberal Alliance in Edinburgh, Scotland.

"Having worked with Steven, I know firsthand of his ability to bring out the
best from the management teams he has led.  We are already seeing the
results of his talent through his coordination of one of the largest
city-wide reform projects ever undertaken with the "One Call 311"
initiative," Rybak said.

As the City's chief administrator, Bosacker would oversee financial
operations, coordinate policies and programs established by the Mayor or
City Council, and manage City interests in metropolitan, county, state and
federal activities.  As a direct report to the Mayor and City Council, the
Coordinator supervises city department heads of Communications, Finance,
Human Resources, Information & Technology Services, Intergovernmental
Relations and Regulatory Services.

"Steven's experience with the University Board of Regents in particular
prepares him well for the challenges of balancing his service to my office
as well as all the members of the City Council," Rybak said.  "Steven's
broad government background makes him an ideal choice to coordinate
inter-governmental relations for the City and his commitment to reform and
innovation will help ensure that Minneapolis continues to serve its citizens

If confirmed by the Council, Bosacker would replace current Coordinator John
Moir who has served in the role since 2002.  During his time as City
Coordinator, Moir oversaw a number of pivotal financial and management
reforms, including:

* Enacting a 5-year financial direction as a framework for budgeting and
linking departmental business planning by to that framework. 

* Capping City employee wage increases to a limit of 2% per year and
imposing a hiring freeze. 

* Implementing budgetary discipline, which created year-end savings
available for one-time expenditures in subsequent years, such as for street
maintenance or public safety. 

* Adopting a plan to stabilize community development funding for the
Neighborhood Revitalization Program and the Target Center Arena. 

* Adopting a multi-year workout plan for the Parking System and Fund
designed to return the system/fund to an effective profit center. 

* Outsourcing computer system support services for the all city departments
that reduced annual costs by $2 million and avoided a total of $22 million
in future costs. 
"Four years ago, John was the right person at the right time as we faced
tremendous budget challenges and needed a clear focus on long-term business
planning.  Now, Steven is the right person to direct the next stage of our
reform and innovation to further strengthen the relationship between
citizens and their government," Rybak said.

 "I am deeply honored to be the Mayor's nominee and I am very grateful for
the opportunity to serve the Mayor and City Council at such an exciting time
for the City of Minneapolis," Bosacker said.  "I have dedicated most of my
professional life to public service and I am thrilled to be able to apply
that experience towards meaningful citizen-focused government in the City I
love.  But first, I look forward to working with the Council in the
confirmation process and hearing more about where they want the City to go."

Mayor Rybak will formally nominate Bosacker next month and the nomination
must be approved by the newly elected City Council when it convenes in

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