Thought would follow-up my post from last week in  regards to the Park Board  
discusstions at the Linden Hills  Community meeting.  Brief summary NOT 
official minutes of the  meeting last night from the discussion.  These are 
only my notes  from the meeting with a link and text from Linden Hills website 
is  included below my comments.  Their was probably about 50 people  who 
atttended this meeting:

  1.  Park Board members stressed that there is no immediate plans  for this 
project and no official project proposal has been submitted to  the Park Board 
Planning Committee.  There has been some  discussions with Park Board staff.  
The ultimate focus of the park  board members during this meeting was an 
overall plan for Lake Calhoun  and how they can better communicate with the 
neighborhood organizations.

  2.  Calhoun Yacht Club does not yet have a specific plan and are  only 
conceptualizing at this point with conceptual drawings from my  understanding.  
 Calhoun Yacht Club is discussing with an  architect who was at the meeting and 
may provide drawings on their web  site,  No 
specifics for the project  or drawings were discussed or shown during this 
meeting.  (See  Comments Below)

  3.  The next step in this process is that Calhoun Yacht Club to  present 
their plan to the community.   This needs to happen before  it formally goes to 
the Park Board Planning meeting per my  understanding of the Park Board process 
discussed by board members  during the meeting.  No specifics were provided but 
I did discuss  with their architect and Calhoun Yacht Club members that this is 
an  important next step. (See Comments Below)
  Below is text from the Linden Hills Neighborhood Web Site in regards to  this 
next step posted on December 10th:
                                      December 10, 2005:  According to Mike 
Elson,                   President of the Lake Calhoun Sailing School Board,  
the                   School presented a proposal to the Park Board Planning 
Committee                   nearly two years ago.  They now believe they need 
to "start                   over again" by approaching the neighborhoods along 
with                   presenting to the Park Board Planning Committee now that 
                  elections are over.  Mike stated the school is working on     
              posting the proposed plan on their website, but that will most    
               likely not be done until "after the first of the year".          
                                    Laurie Foster, LHiNC Co-Chair, is currently 
working on                   coordinating a meeting with the Lake Calhoun 
Sailing School and                   Park Board Planner in                   
February to discuss the proposal with LHiNC residents.                    
Please look to this website for information regarding that                   
                       We, as a community, all need to encourage dialog on this 
project to  come up with the best interest of all parties and this beautiful 
Lake  Calhoun legacy that has been left to us as a community.  Let's  work 
together in an open and transparent process to come open with the  best 
  Carl Holmquist

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