How do we know it's coffee that is the problem?  Maybe it's cranberries, or
apples, or water, or breathing urban air, or even worse, bicycling or
jogging while breathing urban air?

If there was a vote on banning coffee, would the "anti-coffee coalition"
accept the people's decision or are the facts demanding of some kind of
benevolent dictatorship that will take care of our health for us?

If the people ban wheat germ and over-the-counter nutritional supplements,
would the "anti-coffee coalition" accept that?

Ray Marshall

Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 01:42:33 -0600
From: "Dan McGrath" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: [Mpls] Let's Make Minneapolis #1 in Health

<snip> If we make Minneapolis the #1 healthiest city in the nation, the rest
of the state will follow, and more and more cities around the country will
follow our lead.

I for one am tired of always being reactionary, and playing catch-up. Let's
take the initiative, get ahead of the curve and force positive, progressive
change. How do we accomplish this?

By banning coffee.

<many snips>

Dan McGrath

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