> <snip>   I came to recognize during the mayoral race that Peter McLaughlin 
> was a
> man of substance and integrity, this confirms it.


Is this the same Peter McLaughlin who never distanced himself from the
blatently false attack ads brought out by the Police Federation meant
to play on people's fear?

Is this the same Peter McLaughlin who took money from mostly northern
Hennepin County based bars interested in a repeal of the smoking ban,
changed his vote, annd called it a coincidence?

The same Peter McLaughlin who critisized RT Rybak for accepting
contrbutions from individuals with ties to companies who do business
with the City of Minneapolis, yet he himself took money from the
companies themselves?

The same Peter McLaughlin who's personal integrity has been
compromised a few times by affairs and divorces, yet decided to open a
personal attack on RT by questioning him about sending his children to
private school?

Substance and Integrity?

As the character Inigo Montoya so aptly put it in the movie Princess Bride:

"I do not think that means what you think it means."

Steve Peterson
(Works Downtown)
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