We have been asked to justify our decision to let receiving channel message
retry count and interval parameters (mrrty and mrtmr) take their default
values.  These allow (non z/OS) MQ to retry message put failures up to 10
times, one second apart, before writing the message to the dead letter
queue.  For the obvious reasons (no such queue, expired temporary dynamic
queue), there seems little point to the retries, and reasonable concern over
possible backlogs following a transient hold-up, e.g. network hitch.

To the question - Is anyone aware of sound reasons for keeping the default
values as they are?  Is there a reasonably common condition that causes a
temporary inability to deliver valid messages, that is overcome via the
retries?  I find myself wondering about MQ internal checkpointing, or lock
activity type stuff.

My thanks to all who take the time to read this, especially if they share
their experience with us all.


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