With my experience with cluster, Issue REFRESH CLUSTER and wait.  It
usually, works.  MQ takes time to propagate the information.


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Yes, a Full Repo can host clustered queues. If question below is based on
"errors" you are seeing from MQExplorer, ignore them. Ignore most
everything that MQExplorer tells you related to errors with Clusters.
Verify it with commands from runmqsc before worrying about it.

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      I have created a cluster on a server having the two repository QM's
      on the same server.  When I try to create a Q on one of the repo
      QM's, it does not show a cluster available to share the queue in.
      Can a repo QM have a cluster queue?

      I can create another QM on the same server, join the cluster, and
      create a cluster Q, no problem.
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