It would appear to be impossible to use MQ channel exits with MQ .NET, as it
doesn't support the use of channel connection tables, and does not allow
specification of channel exits in the MQEnvironment class, and there doesn't
appear to be any other way to configure their use.

This seems to be rather a problem if you have a need to do channel exit
stuff with a .net client :-(

Is there some (possibly undocumented) way round this?   There is one line in
the manual which suggests there is an MQChannelDefinition class, but this
isn't mentioned anywhere else, and the MQQueueManager doesn't appear to have
a ctor that uses one (but this may just be because it isn't documented).

Is the code owner of the .net classes listening, or is someone who is able
to catch his or her attention?

David C. Partridge

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