Hello, posting here at suggestion of my close namesake Marc Sabatella ;)

I am looking to help improve the already very useful microtonal
implementation in musescore and have two questions:

1.) Would there be a possibility of integrating my open source/crossplatform
microtonal font HEJI.ttf (I can provide a copy to anyone interested), which
includes more crisp and compact versions of the Helmholtz-Ellis JI
accidentals than the ones included in Bravura? They are designed to space
correctly when typed as a text string. It would be wonderful for the
community of interested users to be able to access these symbols and their
various combinations (usually 1-3 symbols in a string) as accidentals and
have them position correctly/automatically) when attached to a note.

HEJI.ttf <http://dev-list.musescore.org/file/t395995/HEJI.ttf>  

2.) I made a little demo this morning adding the accidentals as custom
symbols from Bravura (they had to be specially positioned by inspector
values and I manually entered the cent deviations, then I could use copy and
paste to complete the score.

I would be happy to assist in this if anyone is interested/able to help me
along the way! Thanks in advance and apologies if my protocol is not quite
correct, it's my first post here.

warm greetings
Marc Sabat

Andantino.mscz <http://dev-list.musescore.org/file/t395995/Andantino.mscz>  

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