Hi Martin,

I'm getting there! :-) See attached screenshot.

A couple more questions.

1. How do I get the focused row in the StringGrid to show even when the
   grid doesn't have focus? eg: in fpGUI when the StringGrid has
   focus, the focus row will be in a Navy color, but when the grid
   doesn't have focus, the last focused row will be a Light Blue

2. I've managed to populate the Objects combobox. But when I open the
   dropdown list, only half of the text is displayed. From what I
   understand is that the combobox supports columns of data. It
   appears as if there a 4 column, yet I explicitly set
     dropdown.cols.count := 1
   in the Object Inspector. The exact widget I'm using is the TSelector.

3. I currently hard-coded a *.pas unit to be processed. How do I
   retrieve the full file name of the current unit in the Source Editor


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