On Friday 16 December 2016 18:05:12 Fred van Stappen wrote:
> By the way, do you have plan for assisted raised-error-message and

Yes, later.

> Ttabwidget (and fix of dofocuschanged() that gives not assigned sender) ?

You wrote:

> But dofocuschanged() has problem. You must use:
> if (assigned(oldwidget)) and  if (assigned(newwidget))   then
> ...

Probably it is as designed. If dofocuschanged() fires the first 
time "oldwidget" is nil, if it fires the last time "newwidget" is nil.

> When it works, I use:
> thename := 'tabwidget, ' + Ttabwidget(Sender).Name + ' , active index, ' +
>    inttostr(Ttabwidget(Sender).activepageindex)
We could add 
"iassistiveclient.getassistiveitemindex(): int32" and maybe 
"getassistiveitemcount(): int32" and 
"getassisitiveitem(const aindex: int32): iassistiveclient"

> (Huh, how to get the name of the tab of the activepageindex ?)

In "doenter" 
 thepagename:= sender.getassistivename();
 thepagecaption:= sender.getassistivecaption().


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