2017-04-10 13:36 GMT+02:00 Martin Schreiber <mse00...@gmail.com>:
> > 2. Is it possible to set different image for selected row in
> ttreeitemedit?
> > My icons are dark and I would like to set them as "negative" color when
> > selected. So it should be also from different timagelist (which I init
> with
> > brighter color). Or some trick to do this on the fly when image is
> painted.
> >
> The selected imagelist item is defined by the sum of
> TTreeItemEdit.ItemList.Imnr_* + the image number of the datanode.
> TimageList
> can have a lookup table ("IndexLookup") in order to save duplicate images.

Can you explain this? Lets say that I have timagelist1 which contain images
for normal grid state, initialized with timagelist1.bitmap.init(cl_black)
or any other color and second timagelist2 which contain exactly same images
but for selected state and are initialized with
timagelist2.bitmap.init(cl_white) or any other color. Now, how to make them
work with grid (ttreeitemedit)? Is it possible to have only one timagelist
and init different color per image, not per whole timagelist? Because I
think that for IndexLookup I have to use only one timagelist.

Note that I'm creating images at runtime with mseftglyphs and base color
cl_black. It depends on user which color scheme he choice (that is why
timagelist.bitmap.init() is called)

P.S. It is really cosmetic think, so don't bother with that. I'm just
curious :)
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