On Monday 24 July 2017 14:23:44 Fred van Stappen wrote:
> > git master 2de3e44cb5ff55322ac47c9818f2b81d0703cf3f has
> > tgripframe.grip_faceactive.
> Excellent, I will test it tonight.
> Huh, how can you know if a form is docked ? Does it exist a property like:
> If Myform.isdocked then ...
> Is it possible to dock/undock a form by code (and how)?
Docking is controlled by property dragdock (tdockcontroller in 
lib/common/widgets/msedock.pas). tdockcontroller has mdistate, float() and 
Also <form>.parentwidget is nil for a floating form.
There is also "TDockPanelFormController" from tab 'Widget' which organizes 
dockforms in an application. An example is here:


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