Med, please register on mseide-msegui-talk mailinglist and post there.

If you can't register report it and take a ticket for SourceForge support
and ask for help.

Liuzg2 also reports that he is not able to post to mseide-msegui-talk anymore. 
I assume you did not answer the confirmation mails SourceForge sent some 
weeks before. SourceForge also removed the Gmane connection account -> the 
NNTP<->mailinglist gateway isn't working anymore. I fear they will remove 
mail-archive too which would be be very bad. Also the admin access to the
member list has been blocked so I can't check it in case of problems.

I don't know what to do. Suggestions?

On Saturday 12 August 2017 16:49:01 you wrote:
> Hi Martin,
>    I believed that only paint method  changes for each widget between
> MseGui and the new MseTui.
I don't think it is so simple.

> If not do you have any orientation? which methods do I have to play with?
If you want to go this way the functions listed in 
lib/common/graphics/msegraphics.pas "gdifuncty" and in 
lib/common/kernel/mseguiintf.inc must be implemented.
I think it is better to start from scratch.


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